Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)
Companies who want to achieve long-term success in Sarbanes-Oxley compliance understand the need for highly automated, integrated, and efficient processes..

One of the key advantages of SAP ERP is its ability to integrate various business and transactional processes into one system. Companies are quickly discovering they have the same requirement for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). Unfortunately, many businesses are struggling to stay in front of the every changing regulation and requirements and their ability to ensure the required compliance standards are being set and monitored. Comspark International Inc’s Solution: A holistic GRC solution that provides the fundamentals to breaking-down the silos of control, risk, and compliance information that exist across the enterprise.

Solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) in SAP promote business sustainability by integrating and unifying corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance to the various control regimes across the extended enterprise.

SAP GRC with Comspark International Inc

Comspark International Inc offers companies a unique and compelling solution for their governance, risk, and compliance needs with its GRC and Analytics practice:

* The proprietary GRC and Security Accelerator toolkit. This toolkit complements SAP’s GRC product offerings, and helps to greatly reduce the time needed to permanently remediate control violations
* Immense depth of experience and thought leadership in the space. Comspark International Inc, backed by a team of top-notch and experienced consultants, has a stellar reputation in the industry for providing innovative and efficient solutions in the GRC space
* Outstanding track record of success in solving companies' GRC needs

Why Comspark International Inc:

* Comspark International Inc will help define a holistic and integrated GRC strategy with SAP
* Comspark International Inc can implement a GRC product in SAP
* Comspark International Inc will help streamline complicated role re-designs that currently require months of manual effort.
* Comspark International Inc can show you a positive return on your SAP GRC investment

With a wide range of products and services, we can effectively and efficiently provide a solution that will meet your specific needs.

GRC Solutions

1. GRC and Security Accelerator toolkit
Remediation of one’s control weaknesses is one of the most complex and thorny obstacles that companies face when trying to “get clean” or “stay clean” in their SAP environments.

The GRC and Security Accelerator toolkit eases that pain by providing several accelerators to assist in cleaning up roles and underlying authorizations. This has helped our clients to drastically reduce the costs of a role and security redesign effort.

2. GRC Services for SAP
With an unmatched depth of experience in the field, we offer companies the ability to achieve effective and efficient controls in their SAP system and processes:

* Application Controls
o Pre and Post implementation Security & Controls Assessment
o SOD Controls Remediation and Redesign
o Security and Controls Design Implementation

* Process Controls – streamlining business processes with effective controls
o Order to Cash
o Procurement to Payment
o Financial Close
o HR Hiring to Termination
o Payroll

3. GRC Consulting Services
Comspark International Inc provides GRC expertise to assist companies that are still trying to craft and design over-arching GRC strategies that best make use of technology and the resources that are available to them. Our services include:
* Overall understanding of Compliance Objective
* Identify and Detect Control Weaknesses
* Document Best Practices
* Test and Evaluate Controls
* Remediate and Mitigate Control Weaknesses
* Maintain Sustainable Compliance Efforts

4. GRC Training
Comspark International Inc provides various onsite training seminars for customers including helping customers determine the GRC solution that best fits their needs, teach effective strategies for remediation and mitigation, and use an automated GRC solution to bring about efficiency in business processes and a positive ROI.

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