Connect your business to new SAP value
You know SAP NetWeaver lowers total cost of ownership, enabling your company’s SAP environment to integrate information and applications from any platform. And you have heard how it aligns people, data and processes for total business integration across organizational and technological boundaries.

But the question remains: what is it, exactly? How, specifi cally, does it integrate your existing investments to extract more value and add more insight? What are the true costs? And can you maximize its value?

For the right answers, companies are turning to  Comspark International Inc.

Comspark International Inc: solidifying NetWeaver
Through our dedicated SAP NetWeaver practice and development center running the latest NetWeaver solution, Comspark International Inc integrates NetWeaver’s benefi ts into your business. More importantly, our knowledge of NetWeaver’s core technologies, and shaping them around your unique needs, enables us to bring clarity to these solutions few can match. The result? A stronger technical foundation– and stronger returns. Building on its SAP BW and Portals expertise, Comspark International Inc’s NetWeaver solutions lower project management time and expenses, delivering more value with less custom integration expenses than ever.

With Comspark International Inc, customers don’t pay for process–they pay for performance.

Technical capability
Comspark International Inc has an active NetWeaver Ramp Up program to support developing client solutions, backed by a dedicated solution center providing internal development and demo capabilities.

Flexible delivery
Our NetWeaver expertise is applicable across all SAP Industry Solutions. In addition, our onshore and offshore development facilities provide the option of cost effective application development.

Understanding NetWeaver’s role in your enterprise
NetWeaver connects different business programs and technologies in a way that reduces cost and confusion--while leveraging maximum profitability from your existing data and SAP investments. It does this through several components.
  • SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW)
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal (SAP EP)
  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI)
  • SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM)
  • SAP Mobile Infrastructure (SAP MI)
  • SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS)
Together, these components fill in the informational gaps between business processes and removes barriers around critical business data. The decision to implement NetWeaver is not so much a question of need, but rather one of timing.

Lower total cost of ownership
NetWeaver integrates existing systems for more value and insight. And it does so quickly by keeping connections to a minimum. It also recognizes that software changes over time, optimizing connectivity throughout the software lifecycle.

Enable total integration quickly
NetWeaver integrates all of your people, information and business processes. It enables you to develop new, cross-functional composite applications efficiently. And it minimizes implementation time through pre-configured business content.

Keep your enterprise flexible
NetWeaver gives your SAP environment room to grow. Its Enterprise Services Architecture provides key open technologies and Web services, while establishing a solid foundation to drive SAP and partner solutions moving forward.

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