SAP E-Recruiting

The MySAP HR E-Recruiting Solution extends well beyond offerings of other vendors. Talent Relationship management is a paradigm shift from what was traditionally vacancy driven recruiting to talent-driven recruiting. Once an applicant is chosen for a position, remaining candidates are typically rejected and discarded - leaving potential and valuable candidates lost to your organization.

By building a talent warehouse, the focus lies on a central place to store information with your potential workforce. This foundation allows you to strengthen your relationships with current and potential workforce.

Recruiting and Beyond:
SAP E-Recruiting, the new fully Web-enabled, end-to-end recruiting solution of SAP, offers organizations the recruiting functions needed to locate and retain appropriate talent. Adaptable and user friendly, SAP E-Recruiting not only opens new possibilities but also strengthens the contribution of the recruiting function to the organization's global competitiveness.

Talent Warehouse, Recruiter and Analytics form the backbone of SAP E-Recruiting. Advanced portal and collaboration technology complement the solution offering.

The Talent warehouse is an advanced talent database that enables recruiters to find, track, and manage potential employees and external candidates. Extensive search and matching functions make this talent database easy for recruiters to navigate. The talent database also improves their ability to manage prospects and find suitable candidates for open positions.

The recruiter offers everything recruiters need to make administrative tasks easier, including functions that noticeably increase speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness throughout the entire application process.

Analytics offers both evaluations & reporting functions for operational work and planning & controlling functions to improve recruiting strategies.

Comspark International: What's In It For You?

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Successful SAP implementations require specific SAP expertise to help you tailor your solution to meet your specific requirements. Comspark International has established a dedicated delivery practice for mySAP HR e-Recruiting. We are the recognized experts ready to help you deliver an e-Recruiting package complete from concept to commissioning. Our dedicated e-Recruiting practice will help you extract the highest value from SAP e-Recruiting by bringing specific product expertise required to deliver the functionality and value that SAP e-Recruiting has to offer.

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