From value discovery to value realization
Understanding where you’ve been goes a long way when planning where you are going. Comspark International Inc can help your procurement organization shape an enterprise-wide strategy by analyzing and rationalizing spend.

Such a strategy leads to higher quality goods and services, lower total cost of ownership, and operational process that continually delivers bottom-line value.

Achieve your goals with Comspark International Inc
mySAPTM Supplier Relationship Management’s (mySAP SRMTM) easy-to-use functionality will help you achieve the operational and strategic goals of your procurement organization. Gaining the full value of your investment requires a clear understanding of how each component aligns with your enterprise or department processes.

Comspark International Inc, with its dedicated focus on SAP and the mySAP suite of products, knows SRM and its maturing components. Backed by our product expertise, we take the time to understand your objectives so that we deliver an SRM implementation tailored to achieve your vision.

Our team of SRM professionals guides your organization through a process of education and discovery to enable procurement processes that produce open collaboration and achieve synergies between your internal resources, your suppliers and your partners.

 mySAP SRM increases profitability by improving procurement cycle times, reducing labor and material costs, and increasing supplier productivity. All you need is  Comspark International Inc to unlock the value.

Results-driven implementation
Many factors define the success of a project - including benefits, cost, scope, and user-acceptance. Comspark International Inc works with you to define the critical success factors for your project.

With a practice dedicated solely to mySAP SRM, Comspark International Inc stays current on the latest product releases. Our SRM implementation accelerators provide both demonstration of our capabilities and a prototype development platform where we can quickly create complex solutions for our clients.

Comspark International Inc goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction - because our success depends on your success.

A tool you can use
To unlock the full value of your mySAP investment, Comspark International Inc works closely with your team to achieve high user acceptance for new tools. SRM is a shining example. If your enterprise currently uses SAP MM for procurement, Comspark International Inc can demonstrate how the simplicity of mySAP SRM can enhance your operational and strategic processes. With mySAP SRM you will see training costs drop, help desk ticket volume slow, and end-user acceptance issues become a thing of the past.

Comspark International Inc helps you to present your users with the simplest shopping experience available by delivering content that maximizes your return. When your end users find the content they need, transaction volume climbs...increasing your ROI.

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