Business Intelligence

Take SAP performance to the next level

SAP BW consolidates your data enterprisewide into a single platform for better visibility –delivering unprecedented operational insight to support your business decisions.

All levels of an organization demand timely access to larger and more disparate volumes of information, delivered in a form that supports real-time decisions. This critical decision support information is often scat tered and buried throughout the enterprise. That is why competitive enterprises are turning to SAP’s Business Information Warehouse™ (SAP BW™) to consolidate and analyze data from all applications across the enterprise. It’s total business awareness –and Comspark International Inc makes it happen.

Comspark International Inc: The SAP BW experts

Comspark International Inc consultants have a depth of BW knowledge unmatched in the industry. Our experts bring product knowledge and implementation experience honed through numerous engagements, together with an essential understanding of the nuances that drive your industry. This focused expertise is why a growing number of companies turn to Comspark International Inc’s BW Practice for their BW implementations no matter what their size or situation. In the selection process, we provide a total view into BW, helping you develop a strategy that supports your specific business needs and dynamics..

Looking for the right implementation partner?

Our BW practice has a history of delivering on time and on budget. Comspark International Inc’s flexible methodology ensures a focused and controlled BW implementation–requiring only those activities directly associated with BW for efficient, reliable and repeatable results every time. Want to step up the performance of your SAP investment? We have developed a portfolio of BW products that can be adapted to meet your unique decision-making needs.

Big Data

Data is a two-edged sword—costly to gather and maintain, but filled with potential. That’s why business professionals in every department are focused on getting insights out of the mess of disconnected systems, databases, applications and spreadsheets. But turning a cost center into a revenue opportunity is easier said than done.

As clients are frantically working on solutions to monetize these large amounts of data, demand far outweighs supply in this domain. This is one area of the market where there is a dearth of experienced talent.

We, at Comspark International are continuously working towards developing pool of candidates with proficiency in Big Data Technologies to help companies make informed decisions by enabling data scientists, predictive modellers and other analytics professionals to analyse gargantuan volumes of data.

SAP Solutions

Comspark International Inc expanded to provide SAP Solution to your business as your foundational system for the service and support infrastructure for your SAP solution. These offerings include packaged solutions that maximize your investment, including packaged ready to run solutions that include preloaded hardware ready to be delivered to your location.

SAP Solution enables you to:

  • Reduce complexity of managing your IT environments
  • Avoid business disruptions proactively
  • Provide flexibility for fast adaptation to changing requirements
  • Make services delivered by your IT organization transparent
  • Leverage experiences made by SAP, its partners, and other customers

SAP Solution supports efficient collaboration both within your organization and with SAP. Solution is built to handle and manage all system lifecycles, including implementation, operation, and optimization.

Business Issue:

SAP has published that starting on April 2, 2007, SAP Solution will be the only source from which customers receive maintenance updates for SAP NetWeaver 2004s and subsequent versions, as well as applications based on it (including mySAP™ Business Suite 2005 applications).

How it works?

Solution manages your support packages, changes, and other software patches. Solution provides you with the ability to pro-actively manage your SAP landscape.

Solution allows you to manage all the steps required for updating your system.

  • Select, review and approve relevant patches
  • Download and Deploy patches
  • Import & Test patches
  • Release to production
  • Reporting

Comspark International Inc

Comspark International Inc in cooperation with our clients have developed three (3) Solution product offerings that are tailored to meet client’s immediate requirements. These products have been specifically designed to allow you to quickly and cost effectively implement Solution and gain access to the new tools and features. Our solutions are based on a tiered model, each providing additional system administration features that are required for an SAP Landscape.

Ready to Run Solution : Preinstalled and Hosted Solutions

Comspark International Inc have partnered to provide solutions pre-loaded and ready for installation at the client site or hosted by Comspark International Inc. This option provides the maximum efficiency as the system is delivered to your site with Solution already installed, allowing configuration to commence immediately. This significantly reduces overall implementation time.

Support Solution:

Support Solution includes the Installation of Solution Manger with base IMG configuration to ensure systems are connected to Solution and SAP. The goal of this solution is to allow systems to download and apply maintenance patches via Solution . This solution is ready to run within 1-2 weeks!

Key Functionality

  • SAP Earlywatch Alerts
  • SAP Maintenance Optimizer

E2E Monitoring & Diagnostics

Solution is intended for a client who wants to implement a full technical footprint of Solution as part of their initial rollout. This offering provides core solution for maintenance and lifecycle management including, Solution Monitoring Dashboards and E2E Diagnostics for root cause analysis. This solution is ready to run within 3 weeks!

Key Functionality

  • E2E Solution Monitoring
  • E2E Diagnostics for problem analysis, resolution
  • NetWeaver Framework implementation - SLD