Consulting Partners

Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction Comspark International Inc Consulting Partners are the leading providers of systems integration expertise in the world. These partners specialize in all phases of  Comspark International Inc implementations including, process analysis, configuration, implementation, and training.

The Comspark International Inc Certified Professional Program
In order to ensure that the members of our Consulting Partner Program are able to successfully meet the needs of our customers,  Comspark International Inc has established the  Comspark International Inc Certified Professional Program. This program provides a standard by which customers and managers are able to objectively measure the knowledge of Consultants and Business Analysts on  Comspark International Inc Solutions and implementation techniques.  Comspark International Inc stresses certification because it provides an objective measurement of a consultant's knowledge. To ensure that consultants are up-to-date, certification is tied to a particular release of  Comspark International Inc Solutions.

The Comspark International Inc Consulting Partner Ecosystem
Comspark International Inc has a well established, global network of consulting partners. They are represented below according to their level of partnership. We recommend that customers engage  Comspark International Inc Certified Consultants for our solution implementations because data from customer satisfaction surveys definitively show that customers who use  Comspark International Inc Certified Consultants have higher satisfaction rates.

* Global Strategic Consulting Partners
These global organizations operate business models that either span multiple categories of the  Comspark International Inc Alliance Program and/or are committed to generate significant  Comspark International Inc software and service related revenue. This level is reserved for those companies who make substantial commitments to joint sales, marketing, development, training, and resources. In return,  Comspark International Inc grants Global Strategic Partners several significant benefits above all other levels of partners.
* Strategic Consulting Partners
These global consulting organizations provide broad industry knowledge and detailed business process re-engineering. They focus on implementation and configuration services on a worldwide basis.
* National and Local/Regional Partners
These partners operate on a national or regional basis providing expertise and implementation services to address the specialized needs of locally organized customers.

If you have any questions or would like to be considered for the  Comspark International Inc Partner Program please contact us.

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