Platform Partner

Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction
Comspark International Inc Platform Partners are market leaders in supplying the products, technologies, and services upon which  Comspark International Inc will run. These products include hardware systems, databases, operating systems, telecommunications equipment, connectivity services and Application Service Providers.

Comspark International Inc Business Application Development Support
Comspark International Inc's development teams have worked hand-in-hand with our large platform partners to ensure cross platform support for  Comspark International Inc solutions. As a result,  Comspark International Inc solutions operate on all major computing platforms.

Comspark International Inc Platform Partner Sizing and Configuration Program
In order to ensure that customers are able to obtain the required infrastructure sizing and configuration assistance they need quickly,  Comspark International Inc Platform Partners have deployed Sizing, Configuration, and Solution Centers worldwide. Our partners staff these centers with  Comspark International Inc-trained experts who run rigorous tests to ensure the optimal tuning of our solutions. These centers, whose results are audited by  Comspark International Inc engineering, are then able to provide customers with quick, trustworthy sizing and deployment assistance.

The Comspark International Inc Platform Partner Ecosystem
Comspark International Inc is fortunate to have many platform partners worldwide. They are classified below according to the specific platform solution they provide to our customers. We recommend deploying  Comspark International Inc solutions on our partners' platforms. Furthermore,  Comspark International Inc recommends only platform partners that have set up sizing and configuration centers to quickly provide customers the appropriate systems & infrastructure configurations for their deployments.

* Computer Hardware
These are world-class computer companies that provide a wide array of choices for customer deployments, including databases, application servers, web servers and desktops.

* Database & Operating Systems
These leading providers distribute the world's most robust databases and operating systems and ensure  Comspark International Inc customers utilize the most comprehensive platforms to be 100% satisfied with their solution deployments.

* Hosting Services & Telecommunications
These partners provide a range of network services, from basic services such as VPNs, LANs, and Internet access, to full-service outsourcing.

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