Software Partners

Software Partners - Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction
Comspark International Inc Software Partners are providers of data and information services, intellectual content, and software applications that complement, interoperate with, and add value to Comspark International Inc Solutions.

The Comspark International Inc Validation Program
Comspark International Inc has engineered its products to integrate easily with external software, including legacy systems and third-party packages. To ensure successful integration, Comspark International Inc provides comprehensive solutions and works closely with its Software Partners to help them build robust and efficient integration capabilities. Whenever an integrated solution is considered, many questions arise such as to the seamless interoperability of the products.

In order to answer this and all other vital questions, Comspark International Inc has instituted a Validation Program to evaluate, test, and document integrated third-party solutions. "Comspark International Inc Validated" status is awarded only to those products whose integration and documentation has proven to meet Comspark International Inc's high quality standards. Validation ensures customer confidence in our solutions and partnerships. Comspark International Inc's technical managers conduct rigorous, step-by-step testing alongside the partner. Additionally, product documentation that explains the features, benefits and architecture of the validated solutions is thoroughly reviewed and then posted for our customers' usage.

The Comspark International Inc Software Partner Ecosystem

Comspark International Inc partners with the top software and application providers from around the globe. They are represented below according to their current partnership status. Many of these leading organizations have chosen to embed or resell modules of Comspark International Inc's Solutions. These tightly integrated Software Partnerships ensure that our customers achieve more rapid implementations and higher overall satisfaction.

* Global Strategic Software Partners
These global organizations operate business models that either span multiple categories of the Comspark International Inc Alliance Program and/or are committed to generate significant Comspark International Inc software and service related revenue. This level is reserved for those companies who make substantial commitments to joint sales, marketing, development, training, and resources. In return, Comspark International Inc grants Global Strategic Partners several significant benefits above all other levels of partners.

* Strategic Software Partners
These global software organizations provide broad industry knowledge and value added solutions to assist our customers. They include application providers that operate with Comspark International Inc on a worldwide basis.

* National and Local/Regional Partners
These partners operate on a national or regional basis providing expertise and valued added solutions to address the specialized needs of locally organized customers.

If you have any questions or would like to be considered for the Comspark International Inc Partner Program please contact us.

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