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Selecting EAI & B2B Integration Solutions for SAP R/3 & NetWeaver

Hosted by SearchSAP, SPonsored by Comspark International Inc, Inc.

Today, leading edge companies are evaluating service oriented architectures and process design to meet their current and future integration issues. For SAP users, there are many options in the marketplace including Application Platform Suites (APS) such as NetWeaver, B2B Gateways and traditional middleware providers. A key requirement for sustained success will be the decisions that organizations make around their integration infrastructure.

In this Webcast, we will address:
* Evolving integration challenges & service oriented architectures.
* The trend towards consolidating and centralizing integration infrastructures. The difference and co-existence between APS, B2B Gateways & Middleware.
* Defining the key criteria for selecting EAI and B2B solutions.

Simplifying Integration Challenges: Today's complex IT landscapes require a solution that makes collaboration and connectivity possible, both within and beyond your enterprise. A component of the SAP NetWeaver platform, SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI), supports business processes across heterogeneous systems, providing seamless integration at a sustainable cost. Find out the key factors for evaluating SAP NetWeaver XI and how to assess, adapt and implement a strategic integration strategy.

Here's what you'll learn from this webinar:
* What the key factors are for evaluating SAP NetWeaver XI
* Why Whirlpool Corporation chose to move forward with an SAP NetWeaver XI strategy, and
* How Whirlpool Corporation currently deploys SAP NetWeaver XI and their future plans

In today's competitive economy, integration solutions need to keep up with evolving business requirements, handle all trading partner capabilities, and simplify current IT infrastructures. Companies like Pilgrim's Pride which proactively implement a consolidated integration strategy will achieve shorter production times, faster order fulfillment, reduced inventory on hand, and tighter control over financial processes. In the past, companies invested hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in core applications such as ERP to achieve these benefits. However, these applications need information from outside the firewall to generate the highest levels of return on investment.

In this WebCast, we address:
• Evolving business integration challenges
• Solutions to eliminate manual and paper intensive processes
• A strategic roadmap which aligns integration with business drivers
• And, the evolving capabilities of integration gateways

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