Remote Database Support

Focus on Your Business, Not Your E-Business Infrastructure

For over two decades, many organizations have increasingly taken advantage of business integration solutions to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations and reduce costs through out their supply chain. However, over 30% of companies are realizing that their current staff and infrastructure are not capable of handling the growing complexity of evolving standards, processes, and industry mandates. Instead of attempting to deploy scarce resources to grow and maintain an e-Business infrastructure that is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly burdensome to the bottom line, executives are turning to Outsourcing and Managed Service offerings from Comspark International.

Benefits of Comspark International Managed Services:

Investment Protection – Comspark International unlike other providers understands that your organization may wish to bring your e-business infrastructure in-house in the future. Our model allows you to easily transition without having to re-invest in a complete solution.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Reduce increasing expenditures on e-business operations including: software, hardware, education, upgrade expenses, and costs associated with employing internal staff.

Flexible Deployment of Market Leading Solutions – Deploy modules of Comspark International's B2B Gateway or the full power of the entire platform including: EDI, XML, Application Integration, 60+ Communication Modules, Web Portals, Hub & Spoke, Business Mail, and Paper-to-ERP.

Visibility – Access customized Management Dashboards to view all running processes and transactions from an easily accessible Messaging Portal

Economies of Scale – Gain the advantage and cost savings of using business integration experts to manage your e-Business infrastructure. Deployment with Comspark International resources can be upwards of 5 times faster than internal resources.

Future Proof – Comspark International maintains compliance with every data standard, communication protocol, and industry mandate in existence today as well as those coming to the market in future years.