Why Do I need a website for My Business?

* The answer is simple, for Web Presence and Advertising. Advertising plays a very important role in luring customers to buy your products thus enhancing your business.

* The business has to change as per the latest trends to remain flourishing in the market.

* As times have changed the media of advertising have modified, starting from print media to televisions and radios it has now reached to computers.

* Having a website in today's date is equivalent to having a record of your company in yellow pages (back in 10- 15 yrs).

* A website can give your customers a detailed description about your company and its products as well as it can be used as a brochure to advertise your products and Services.

* A website for your business is essential to increase your profits by generating new business and also keeping your existing customers up-to-date with any changes or product ranges.

* Existing customers can also keep in touch with the latest offers or products etc through the website.

* And the biggest advantage is it is available to view 24 / 7 for 365 days a year such as Live Support, Customer Care and Tech Support.

* Online shopping trendshave totally changed the traditional way of shopping.

* If the website pages designed and developed do not achieve better ranking in search engines, then the whole point of having the website is lost, and a large number of public may not be aware about it.

* We have website Promotional techniques like SEO, SEM, Affiliate marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Importance Of SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

* SEO is the process of improving the quality and volume of traffic to a website from different search engines.

* To give your website targeted visitors.

* Optimize your website on the basis of keywords.

* Matching your products and services to generate high search engines rankings.

* Create your Brand name online to make you familiar in the Global as well as Local and City based Customers.

* Cost Effective– Search Engines Won’t charge for Organic listings.

Process Of SEO:

i. On page optimization
ii. Link building services
iii. Define effective keywords for your website
iv. Article submission and distribution
v. Quality content and article for your website
vi. Writing and submitting press releases
vii. Forums and blog postings
viii. Social Book Marking
ix. Social Media Optimization

In short SEO involves On page and Off page strategies and technical applications. We can come up with a Pricing / Rates Model once we have the customer say exactly what he wants in terms of his business needs or requirements.

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