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SAP Exchange Infrastructure Expert Services: Insight, Experience, and Strategic Results

Technology is Evolving: Are You Keeping Pace with the Changes?
Your operational success depends heavily on your IT decisions, so it is imperative that you understand your current architecture and future options. For SAP ® customers, integration is changing as NetWeaver is being delivered as the technology platform of today and the future. The SAP® Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) is the core solution which allows a company to integrate many different applications (EAI) and external trading partners (B2B/EDI). The broker defines software components, interfaces, mappings, and content-based routing rules.

With Changing Times
You need a trusted advisor who can assist you in your assessment and implementation of these solutions. Comspark International Inc has been providing both solutions and expert services to its global client base of 7,500 customers for the last 20 years. Today, our solutions are a key component which extends the core functionality of the SAP Exchange Infrastructure. The joint development knowledge gained with SAP in Walldorf, Germany combined with our integration heritage provides our experts with the complete picture to assess, adapt, and implement SAP XI.

* Assessments
Prior to implementing an integration strategy, companies must evaluate all of their options as this decision will have long-term effects on the efficiencies gained and total cost of ownership. Our guided technology assessments offers you a comprehensive way to quickly evaluate the potential benefits of utilizing SAP XI in your current and future IT landscape. The result will be a comparison of your current architecture versus SAP XI allowing your organization to build out the appropriate ROI and timelines to adapt to the evolving technology landscape.

* Implementation
When you're ready to go live with SAP XI, whether in a pilot or productive environment, Comspark International Inc provides the right resources to ensure that your project goals are met on-time and on-budget. Our implementation and planning team cover the entire spectrum of the deliverables from project management to technical architecture. Our processes are proven in over 7,500 engagements worldwide and our team remains the industry leader in SAP Exchange Infrastructure implementations.

Comspark International Inc: XI Project Success
Comspark International Inc has been on the forefront implementing initial and well-known international pilot and productive projects jointly with SAP. Companies such as Masterfoods (USA), SPAR (Switzerland), SupplyOn (Germany) utilized Comspark International Inc's expert services during their implementation of SAP XI.

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