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Carve-out & Divestitures in SAP

In the traditional sense of the word, an SAP carve-out is a partial divestiture within a business unit that a company carries out after selling a portion of their business to an external party. A carve-out is not an implementation project, which makes it unique compared to your typical SAP projects

To outscource, spin-off or sell individual business units. Some part with certain divisions in order to focus more strongly on their core business – others want to raise capital for investments in further growth.

A carve-out is one of the most complex tasks for a company. Not only organizational and procedural changes have to be managed. Removing a company part from an existing organization is also challenging from a technological point of view. The key question is how existing IT structures should be transferred. Data, systems and processes must be adapted, while at the same time legal reasons may prohibit the passing on of certain data.

SNP paves the path for carve-out projects and offers innovative modules and processes with the CrystalBridge software suite, which helps to overcome even the greatest challenges at top speed. With SNP you can visualize your SAP landscapes, plan the entire migration journey and simulate effects – even prior to the actual transformation. This ensures that your business strategy and the necessary IT implementation go hand in hand. Due to a variety of different factors organisation has decided to shut down a specific LoB for increased profitability or to focus on other value-adding services