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SAP Test Data Management

Test data management. A proactive approach to provisioning test data management in an SAP landscape can help you adapt quickly to rapidly changing business needs, from increasing data growth to special projects and system updates. Accurate, reliable test data is essential - and simple to achieve with the right software,To ensure that your SAP solutions operate ideally, you need sensible, realistic test data for your development, quality assurance, testing, or training systems. Data that helps you accelerate your software development, automate quality assurance processes, and successfully launch new business functions. Especially in the context of mergers and acquisitions, lean organizational structures, shorter time to market, new technologies, and cloud computing. Increasingly complex SAP® application and system landscapes go hand in hand with a constantly transforming landscape and a growing volume of data.

It helps you decisively shorten your development and change processes, makes complete test and training scenarios affordable, and at the same time protects your sensitive data from internal and external misuse — flexibly and quickly.SNP software enables you to set up sandbox and project systems, regularly update quality assurance systems, provide test data to developers and support employees, create selected test data for support cases, and scramble data that is worthy of protection in non-production systems.

The software slices and scrambles the data you select from the source production system to the target non-production system, such as a Test, Dev, QA, or Training system.
  • Slicing data allows you to greatly shrink the size of the production base, saving download, upload time, and hardware costs.
  • Scrambling ensures that sensitive data is anonymized for confidentiality as it is transferred to the non-productive environment.